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Write a Press Release the Right Way by Avoiding Pitfalls

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Press Release Writing | 0 comments

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In today’s fast-paced world, nothing can prove more beneficial to a company than staying relevant within the public eye. Although there are many online marketing strategies that can help a business increase its presence on the Internet, the power of news has continued to prove an invaluable factor in branding. In professional terms, this news typically comes from press releases—an official public statement that provides a viewpoint, event or response directly from a business.

Although a countless number of press releases are thrust into the online world each day, those that are intriguing, concise and informative always rise to the top. As such, one can reason that the stronger the press release, the greater exposure a company or professional will experience. At Grammar Chic, writers read and write a vast amount of press releases—these documents may seem similar in regards to structure, but our staff has learned that there are certain things to avoid when creating a press release.

Those who want to learn what pitfalls to avoid when creating a powerful press release should note the following:

  • Press Releases Are Not Advertisements

When it comes to brand exposure, there is a time and place for pure promotional goodness—press releases are not meant for that kind of mentality. While a press release can help increase the exposure of a brand, it must always highlight a relevant subject that offers some sort of information to the public. Without the element of news, a press release is going to simply read as an advertisement. Forming such a promotionally-focused statement will not only turn readers off, but a lot of news agencies may reject the material in the first place.

  • Press Releases Are To Remain Objective

At Grammar Chic, our writers often write press releases with an isolated approach. Although we work to help our client’s craft powerful statements, it is our responsibility to make sure that all personal opinions are removed from the document. Just as a proper news story should not contain subjective viewpoints, press releases should only present the facts.

While direct insight and opinions are great components of a strong press release, it is best to properly quote and cite where such views originated. Without staying objective, readers can become turned off of the business, especially if the biased tone does not fall in line with their own set of beliefs.

  • Press Releases Must Remain Concise and Direct

A good press release always leaves a reader wanting to know more about a company or figure. However, writers should never skimp on the important details of a particular story. For that reason, it is important for a press release to quickly get to the overall message. Most of the time, the main points are initially addressed in the headline and are later elaborated on in the body.

Like any written work, a good press release must display optimal flow that answers the necessary “who,” “what,” “when,” “where” and “why” questions. Those who are venturing into the world of press releases should always try to stay focused and not include irrelevant information. As a pointer, writers should always keep in mind what facts are most important for the public to grasp and to write around those themes.

  • Press Releases Should Always Be News-Worthy

As noted above, news is one of the most powerful sources of information when it comes to influencing the public perception of a business, event or personality. In the same respect, press releases can have just as much strength in regards to informing readers. However, press release writers should keep in mind that if a press release cannot “inform,” then there really is no purpose to producing the statement.

Sometimes it can prove difficult to find ways to produce a news-worthy story, especially if press releases are new additions to a company’s online marketing strategy. In these instances, writers must put on their creative thinking caps and find a way to bring out the news of a company. New hires, responses to relevant news stories, product releases and industry insight can all prove great angles for a press release that is not only refreshing, but also news-worthy.

Making the Most of a Permanent Statement

One factor about press releases that many professionals do not realize is that once the statements are published, they are available for the public to see and cannot disappear. In some cases, a retraction may be required, but these incidents can prove embarrassing, costly and inconvenient to those who wrote the original release. In order to make the most of a press statement, professionals must approach these statements with a sense of authenticity and confidence.

Although press releases can prove a valuable asset to a company, it is also necessary to realize that there are many pitfalls that can cause problems throughout the process. For those that may need help overcoming these pitfalls—or simply creating a strong press release—the writers at Grammar Chic, Inc. are ready to assist! Contact us today for more information on how we can help craft powerful statements that could boost your online appeal.