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Using Cold, Hard Facts to Boost Your Social Media Presence

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While there is plenty of advice floating around on the Internet about how to build your social media following, it feels like some of these words lack real substance. You know you’re supposed to create content that is appealing to read, but what does that mean exactly? You’re supposed to write in a natural voice, but how? Here are some data-packed, research-supported ways to bolster your online presence.

Make sure your bio stands out

With so many Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts out there, you’ll need to properly illustrate why your company deserves a follow. To do this, make sure that the information about your brand is accurate. If you’ve won awards, mention that. If you’re a founder, a speaker, or an author, make that clear. This helps to separate you from the hundreds of thousands of other people who just use Twitter to talk about what they ate for lunch. It helps to show that you’re an expert with important things to say.

Know the flow of social media

There is plenty of research out about when social media posts are most effective. Take some time to read these details and use them to your advantage. For example, studies show that Facebook posts on Saturdays and Sundays get more attention than those done during the business week. With that said, it becomes clear that your social media strategy must be 24/7.

Use the right images

Since Pinterest is an image-based site, the qualities of photos that you choose counts. Research shows that as the image height in pixels increased on Pinterest, so did the average number of times that the image was repined. Therefore, steer clear of grainy, small shots when you’re working with Pinterest.

Place links correctly

Links that were placed about halfway through the tweet were clicked on more than those put at the beginning or end of the message.

Keep it simple

Basic yes or no questions that include words like “should” or “would” get a better response on Facebook than those that require a more elaborate response. Because of this, multiple choice questions also do well.

Provide real information in order to earn a retweet

Though less than one in four tweets contained a URL, at least half of those that got retweeted contained a link. This is because people are more likely to retweet something that contains useful information that others should read. In order to stand out in a sea of tweets, include links to articles or your own company blog.

It’s not all about you

While the account should be used to brand the organization, being too self-centered on social media can become off-putting to those who follow you. In fact, as the amount of self-referential content on an account increases, that organization’s follower count decreases. While it’s okay to share some promotional content, make sure that your account also provides useful information for people, thus giving them a reason to stick around.

Say something new

In order to earn retweets, you’ll want to say something that is different from what everyone else is saying. An interesting take or a unique piece of information makes a business shine on social media.

Keep it positive

There are plenty of Negative Nancies roaming around on Twitter, complaining about the weather, groaning about Monday, and whining about any number of other things. Avoid being that way and keep your content positive. Research shows that as the amount of negativity posted on a Twitter account increased, follower counts decreased.

Stay away from jargon and buzzwords

People want to read posts that are written in a conversational tone. In order to do this, stay away from industry jargon, cliché, and buzzwords. Though you may want to talk about “moving the needle” as a “thought leader,” avoid this kind of wording. Instead, say it exactly how you would to a friend.

By using photos, remaining positive, and sharing useful content that others will benefit from reading, engagement levels on your company account will remain high, and your follower base will continue to grow.

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