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11 Content Resolutions for 2024

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For close to two decades now, marketers have been making content resolutions and beating the same drum: Content is king! Content is king! By now, most small business owners have little doubt as to the centrality of content to their online marketing efforts. The problem, as ever, is actually finding the time to develop and execute a meaningful content strategy.

Maybe your own content efforts have gotten a little slack in recent months. The start of a new year provides a perfect opportunity for 11 content resolutions. And we’re here to recommend a few content-related resets to get you started on the right foot.

It’s a Brand New Year! 11 Content Resolutions

1) Audit your website.

When’s the last time you refreshed the written content on your website? Or assessed your current content for any gaps or weak spots? At the top of the year, take some time to evaluate your current content, seeking opportunities for improvement.

2) Strengthen your CTAs.

Hopefully, you’ve got calls to action spread throughout your website and your business blog posts. If your CTAs are a little spare or simply a little flat, take the time to reanimate them. Think about refining your value proposition, and pairing it with dynamic action words that generate clicks, calls, purchases, or appointments.

3) Develop evergreen content.

Evergreen content usually refers to blogs or web pages that are fairly timeless; they may offer a big-picture view of your industry or your service line, providing your customers with a reference point that’s not tied to current trends or fads. Be critical about this and if your site is light in evergreen pages, maybe now’s the time to generate some.

4) Repurpose older content.

Resolve to repurpose tried-and-true blog posts, whether by updating them or by using them as fodder for a new video, a series of Instagram infographics, or an email marketing blast. Remember, it’s important not to just let old posts fade into oblivion; get as much juice out of them as you can!

5) Interface with sales and customer service.

Your sales and customer service teams can be invaluable sources of inspiration, letting you know common customer questions or pain points. As such, solicit these groups as potential topics to address in your content strategy. And resolve to collaborate with sales and customer service reps more regularly.

6) Emphasize readability.

Great content isn’t just about the subject matter or the writing itself. It’s also a matter of good formatting, making it easy for readers to process your work via their smartphone, tablet, or other device. Make one of your resolutions to be more strategic in your use of headings, bullet points, and white space.

7) Start an email newsletter.

Every business can benefit from a regular newsletter, providing brief content updates that keep your customers and clients engaged. Therefore, if you don’t already have a newsletter, or struggle to keep up with your current newsletter, reach out to Grammar Chic. We’d love to help!

8) Do more advanced planning.

Do you have a quarterly list of blog topics to draw from? How about an editorial calendar for your social media accounts? One of the best ways to stay on top of this year’s content strategy is by embracing some advanced planning.

9) Embrace user-generated content.

If nothing else, create a strategy to solicit reviews and testimonials, converting them to images for your email newsletters and social media campaigns. Place an emphasis on creating a schedule around this and automating it so you have constant feedback from your customers, partners, and stakeholders.

10) Think in terms of your sales funnel.

Do you create content to address the entirety of your sales funnel, from those in the research state to customers seeking support? This year, be intentional about addressing the full scope of your user base, with different types of content to accommodate every audience segment.

11) Work with a content marketing consultancy.

Do you have questions about your strategy? Ready to level up? Make this the year you get a professional opinion. Know that the Grammar Chic team is ready at any time to talk with you about your 2024 content needs.

Connect with us whenever you’re ready to dig deep into this year’s 11 content resolutions and related strategy. Reach out to Grammar Chic, Inc. at 803-831-7444, or www.grammarchic.net.