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Staving Off the Job Search Doldrums

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Resume Writing | 0 comments


Searching for new employment isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. A frustrating task can become downright discouraging, though, when weeks start to go by without much progress. You may apply for job after job and hear little in response—which can send you into deep job search doldrums.

That’s not where you want to be. As you sink into a rut, your confidence will waver, your enthusiasm will taper off, and you’ll become a less and less desirable job applicant. It’s a nasty cycle, but it can be avoided.

Never Search Solo

One way to keep those job search blues away is to enlist some peers. Even a tough journey is made more pleasurable when you get to share it with someone. If you have friends who are also searching for employment, get together with them every week or so to vent, to encourage one another, to share connections, and to build up confidence.

If you don’t have friends looking for work, find someone who you know to be encouraging and positive-minded, and make an effort to get together with that individual as often as you can, just to let those good vibes rub off on you!

Get Your Resume Looked At

It’s amazing how a fresh resume can give you a renewed perspective, a transformed sense of energy. Have some friends look over your resume and suggest some avenues of addition, reduction, or improvement. A little feedback can go a long way!

Of course, working with a professional resume coach is even better, because you can ensure the feedback you’re getting is in line with current hiring standards. That’s where the Grammar Chic team comes into play! Give us a call to learn more about our resume consultation services.

Get Busy

Do something to take your mind off the job search blues, and keep you active and engaged. Ideally, pick something that’s actually related to your industry. If you don’t have full-time employment, consider ways to volunteer. Or, devote some time to blogging about your industry. Immerse yourself in it; busy yourself with it; prove your knowledge and your dedication.

Run Some Drills

A different and equally helpful way to stay busy: Become a better interviewer. Research common interview questions. Practice answering them—out loud. Get a friend to play the interviewer. Rehearse your elevator pitch. Make sure that when you’re asked “so tell me about yourself,” you have a killer response on hand.

Keep your mind active and engaged, and your spirits bolstered. And above all, ask for help when you need it. Get resume help today by contacting Grammar Chic, Inc. at 803-831-7444, or www.grammarchic.net.