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How Your Business Can Use LinkedIn to Attract Stellar Job Candidates

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Social Media | 0 comments


Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn: While it’s easy to poke fun at the social network for its narrow focus on professionalism—to think of it as an alternate-universe Facebook where everyone is always on their best behavior—the truth is, LinkedIn has considerable power. Previously, Grammar Chic, Inc. has commented on how job seekers can optimize LinkedIn to get themselves noticed, and on how companies can embrace LinkedIn-driven content marketing to better appeal to consumers.

Yet there is a third way in which LinkedIn can prove useful: Companies can harness its power not just to appeal to consumers, but also to potential job candidates. That’s right: Your business can actually use LinkedIn to attract the best, most desirable job candidates.

Notice that we specify the best, most desirable applicants. Chances are, the mere act of starting a company LinkedIn page will land you a few messages from people who want to know whether or not you’re hiring. To ensure that your LinkedIn page is actually drawing really top-shelf job applicants, though, our team has a few tips to offer.

Be Complete

We’ve said many times before how important it is for companies to have completely filled out LinkedIn profiles, but it needs saying again. This is an important part of reaching desirable job applicants, as it provides them with a clear view of what your company is all about. Make sure that your LinkedIn page correctly categorizes your company within a specific industry; that it provides an accurate reflection of the total number of employees; and that it gives some form of a mission or value statement, letting job seekers know what your company really stands for.

By the way, it is also important to ensure that job listings themselves are completely filled out. Make sure to be as detailed and as specific as possible here, offering a substantive job description—not something so nebulous that anyone and everyone will want to apply for it.

Be Active

Filling out your company’s LinkedIn profile is important, but it’s not enough. Think of this as the first step—and once it’s completed, hunker down for some ongoing content marketing endeavors! You should be posting all of your company blogs and press releases to LinkedIn—and ultimately updating your status at least once a day.

Why is this? Because the top talents are going to want to work for a company that’s active, thriving, progressing. If your company’s LinkedIn page is dead, it might lend the impression that the company itself is stagnant, or even out of business!

Be Cultured

Finally, remember that a LinkedIn page tells more than what industry your company is in, what services you offer, and how many employees you have. A LinkedIn page can also reveal much about your company culture. You can include awards that you’ve won, nonprofits that you support—you can even post the occasional status about a team party or retreat, showing that your place of work can be fun. The bottom line is that reflecting your corporate culture can go a long way toward winning the attention of the top job applicants.

In other words, your company direly needs to embrace the merits of LinkedIn, engaging with it on an ongoing basis. To learn more, please contact Grammar Chic, Inc. today! Call 803-831-7444803-831-7444 or visit www.grammarchic.net.