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TypewriterAs an author, writing a book, an article, even a blog is a labor of love. You write because you are inspired, because you believe in your story or message and because you value the written word. However, many times the writing process can be frustrating, lonely and confusing. As such, the team at Grammar Chic is ready to be your partner throughout the writing and publishing process. What’s more is Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., is a published ghostwriter with extensive publishing industry experience. She is willing and able to serve as your guide and consultant as you work to achieve your goal of seeing your words in print.

Grammar Chic, Inc. Professional Author Services Address Every Part of the Publishing Process

The publishing industry is widely known as a business that is not only difficult to navigate as an author, but also one that has become increasingly choosy and exclusive as profit margins continue to shrink and other forms of self-publishing gain in popularity. Indeed, the fact that the industry has gone through severe changes in recent years has led many would-be authors to get frustrated and give up hope.

Partner with Grammar Chic, Inc. on the Road to Publishing Success

Our team will be the first ones to tell you that obtaining a publishing deal is not necessarily easy. Due to current industry conditions, traditional publishers, as well as literary agents, have begun to expect marketing plans, existing promotion platforms and more, from any author they may consider working with. However, with Grammar Chic, Inc. you will benefit from industry knowledge and understanding of what a publisher wants.

Grammar Chic, Inc. has experience providing the following author services:
  • Manuscript Assessment and Consulting
  • Professional Editing Services
  • Query Letters and Distribution
  • Book Proposals
  • Ghostwriting
  • ISBN, Copyright, Library of Congress Registration Procurement
  • Self-publishing Guidance and Consulting
  • Manuscript Formatting
  • Referral Relationships to Assist with Book Cover Design, eBook Conversion, etc.

The team at Grammar Chic, Inc. is happy to schedule a time with you to discuss your manuscript, publishing objectives, ghostwriting needs as well as the genre or style of your book. As we consult with both publishers and private clients, we accept a limited number of manuscript projects on a yearly basis. For more information about any of the author services listed above, pricing and/or availability, please call 803-831-7444 or email today.