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Professional Formatting Services for Businesses, Authors, and More!

paper editingIt’s true that few people notice how the pages of a printed book look or contemplate the ways a brochure or newsletter can be laid out for maximum effectiveness.  The actual formatting of a document is sometimes easy to overlook. However, when presented with a badly formatted book or sales pamphlet, a reader finds it impossible to ignore the errors and usually will set the material aside. Professional formatting services are required to present a polished document–and a professional image. Grammar Chic has the resources, experience, and design knowledge to complement your writing.

Professional Document Formatting: Key to Publishing Success

Also referred to as typesetting, manuscript and document formatting ensures that your written document is delivered in an eye-pleasing and ready-to-print format. The professional formatting services team at Grammar Chic, Inc. addresses the following when handling your written material:

  • Prepares written material in a designated layout and formatting style.
  • Arranges the text, paragraphs, figures, and graphics per desired publishing standards, etc.
  • Ensures the manuscript or document is ready-to-print.
  • Provides a native file upon project completion in a publishing/formatting software program and print-ready PDF.
  • Delivers material with any required printer marks, crop marks, watermarks, etc.
Create Great Written Copy–and Make Sure It’s Attractive!

Grammar Chic has extensive experience working with traditional and self-publishers in the proper formatting and layout of manuscripts and other texts. Moreover, our team works on platforms such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. And should you require assistance with conversion to e-reader software or platforms, we will provide you with a referral to a trusted partner.

Contact Grammar Chic to learn how we can turn your manuscript or document into an attractive print-ready format! Call 803-831-7444 or email to discuss your project and receive a custom proposal for our professional formatting services.