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Marketing Game Changers: How Gen Alpha Will Make Their Mark

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Marketers are constantly trying to evolve and adapt in order to maintain their relevance to the next generation. Right now, that involves an outsized focus on Gen Z, and heavy engagement with all of the platforms where this generation tends to congregate. Think TikTok. Think Twitch.

But of course, Gen Z won’t be whippersnappers forever, and even now some marketers are starting to shift their gaze toward the next generation. That would be Gen Alpha. This demographic will soon become the largest generation in history, with over 2 billion people by 2025. Therefore, it’s truly appropriate for marketers to start thinking about how to reach them.

Identifying Gen Alpha

So, who are these youngsters, anyway?

Basically, Gen Alpha refers to the folks who were born into an entirely digital world. And it is the first generation to be born specifically in the 21st century. The demographic is loosely defined as anyone born post-2010.

Of course, this means that, right now, everyone in this generation is 13 at most. However, over the next few years we’ll see more and more Gen Alpha members become full-fledged teenagers… with the purchasing power and influence that comes with that.

The members of Gen Alpha are often called “mini millennials,” as they are typically the children of millennials. As a rule of thumb, they have close relationships with their parents as well as fairly similar consumer preferences and behaviors.

Understanding Gen Alpha

As marketers try to get a basic profile of this generation, the similarities with millennials are a good starting point. Millennial parents are widely characterized as being highly informed consumers, generally doing their due diligence to ensure they’re getting the best, the healthiest, the safest, the highest-quality products. This encompasses everything from toys to clothing to food, and it’s a mindset that’s likely to rub off on their kids.

To that end, researchers believe that Gen Alpha members will inherit many of their parents’ views about the best and most trustworthy consumer brands, and their general desire to shop in a smart and well-informed way.

Something else to keep in mind is that Gen Alpha is extremely connected. Early data points show that the members of this generation spend a lot of time on social media and communicate with friends via digital channels as much or more than they do in person.

Finally, research indicates that members of Gen Alpha are deeply concerned with global social issues, ranging from climate change to healthcare inequity. Connecting with these young consumers may require brands to demonstrate their own commitment to progress and change.

Preparing for Gen Alpha

That brings us to where the rubber meets the road: How can marketers start preparing even now for a demographic that’s deeply connected, concerned about social issues, and generally marked by refined taste?

Consider just a few guidelines:

First, be transparent about the long-term impact that your products and services will have on the environment and on the surrounding community. This doesn’t mean “greenwashing,” but rather honest and authentic communication with honest and authentic consumers.

Also remember to create experiences, not just products. Keep in mind that Gen Alpha has been raised in the TikTok ecosystem, which means they are used to content creators who are prolific, engaging, high-energy, and down-to-earth.

Above all, spend time getting to know more about Gen Alpha, keeping tabs on incoming demographic data and consumer research. Start constructing buyer personas now, because this demographic is going to be impossible to ignore sooner rather than later.

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