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How to Write Effective Outreach Emails

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Email Writing | 0 comments

You’ve heard of cold calling, but what about cold emailing… also known as outreach emails? Believe it or not, this strategy (which is also called email outreach) can be an incredibly effective addition to your email marketing toolkit. A well-crafted outreach email can help you make inroads with potential business partners, whether to strike up a fresh collaboration, request guest post permissions, solicit a backlink, or even close a sales transaction.

Of course, emailing someone out of the blue can seem a little daunting. Having the right strategy may help you email with confidence, resting assured that your outreach will yield results.

Why Do Outreach Emails?

Email outreach can encompass any “cold” email activity with a B2B or a B2C purpose. In fact, it may be helpful to consider just how many applications email outreach has. Specifically, email outreach can be used to achieve any of these objectives:

  • Requesting guest post opportunities
  • Connecting with online influencers
  • Asking for backlinks to improve your SEO
  • Collaborating with other brands
  • Reaching out to B2B or B2C sales prospects with a business proposal

If you’re going to achieve anything with your email outreach, however, you’ve got to be strategic in how you create your messaging. That brings us to a few specific email outreach tips.

5 Tips to Improve Your Email Outreach Strategy

1) Nail the subject line.

It’s been said a million times, but it bears repeating: If you want people to open and respond to your emails, crafting the best subject line is key. If your subject line is ineffective, the rest of your efforts are all but irrelevant.

So how can you generate subject lines that don’t get deleted on sight? As a general rule, you want your subject lines to be short. You want them to be clear about the value they offer. And you want them to be pretty straightforward. Basically, get to the point: Provide a direct reason why someone would want to read the contents of your message.

Some other approaches to consider:

  • Phrase your subject line as a question.
  • Include a surprising statistic or fact.
  • Consider using emoji to help your subject lines stand out.

2) Personalize.

People are less likely to open an email if they feel like it’s a form letter that’s been blasted out to a thousand people.

Opt for something personalized, instead, something signature. It’s best to take a few minutes to learn a little bit about the person you’re emailing, perhaps browning their blog, social media feed, or LinkedIn account so that you can address their current position or note some of their recent achievements.

You can sprinkle personalized language throughout your email, from the subject line to the body itself,  in order to establish a more direct rapport.

3) Provide value.

When you send an outreach email, you naturally have something you’d like to gain from it. But don’t be too laser-focused on what’s in it for you. Instead, be clear about what’s in it for your recipient. Outline in no uncertain terms the value they can expect when they grant your request, even if it’s just initiating a meaningful, reciprocal relationship with you and your team.

4) Stick to a single CTA.

Remember that your outreach emails are meant to prompt one specific action. Always be clear about what that action is, including a CTA (or even multiple CTAs) throughout your content, directing readers on the next step they should take.

The most effective outreach emails simplify the options, offering just one action you want people to take. Don’t overwhelm your reader by asking them to do one of seven different things. Instead, simply and plainly ask them to call you to set up an appointment, or to respond to the email with a time they can talk, or to visit a particular landing page to learn more.

5) Follow up.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend following up on your outreach emails after about a week. You want to keep these follow-ups short and straightforward, remembering that your goal isn’t to start a whole new conversation but just to reactivate a previous one.

Get Help Crafting the Perfect Outreach Emails

Well-written emails can be a great way to engage potential partners or customers. We’d love to help you get your email messaging just right, drawing from our ample experience in copywriting and email marketing. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling 803-831-7444, or by visiting www.grammarchic.net.