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How Outsourcing Content Creation Benefits Business Owners

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Content Writing | 1 comment


You know you need to update your blog and marketing materials, but you just don’t seem to have enough hours in a day to get it all done. This is a common concern for overloaded businesses. For professionals in this situation, outsourcing content creation can become a lifesaver. Using a blog or article writing service allows you to get the fresh material you need to keep your brand growing, without forcing you or your employees to spend time getting it done.

But how will they learn about my company and my industry?

This is a common fear that many business owners express when they consider the idea of outsourcing content creation. While the team who is handling your content may not work in your industry, the job of a professional writer is to do research and take time to understand the tone, values, and target audience of that particular organization. At Grammar Chic, we offer a personalized consultation so that we’re sure that we understand exactly what matters to your business. In other words, if you’re catering to new moms, you can rest assured that you won’t get back a bunch of blogs about topics that are outside of the realm of interest of the targeted audience.

Now that this concern is out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the perks associated with outsourcing your content creation:

Save money on employee benefits

Any business manager knows that employees are expensive. When you think about salary, paying for vacation time, and benefits, the cost of taking on a new staff member adds up. These prices only increase when you have to take time out of the workday to train this person to create content for your company. When you outsource your articles, newsletters, and other projects, you can avoid having to hire a new employee and can simply turn the work over to a trained writer. This means no time is lost for training, and you know that you’ll get a finished product that is flawless and ready to go live.

Save time

Professional writing services will get your completed work back to you quickly. In many cases, this means that blog posts and articles will come back to you within a week, sometimes shorter depending on your needs and the company’s internal editorial calendar. While you’re spending hours coming up with possible topics to cover on your site, a professional writer is putting the finishing touches on a piece. Save time and effort by entrusting this work to an experienced writer. This allows you to focus your creative efforts elsewhere, while still getting the material you need to further develop your brand.

Use others’ expertise

At Grammar Chic, we understand the details involved with blogging and SEO writing. We hire writers who are well-versed in these areas, not to mention passionate about what they do. Instead of spending time trying to figure out the rules of proper blog or SEO writing, turn it over to people who do it day in and day out. You’ll know that your content will work with search engines and appeal to readers, and it won’t take hours of research to make it happen.

In many instances, an outside perspective allows for writing that is fresh and enthusiastic. Those who practice a profession every day may have a harder time seeing the aspects of the field that appeal to clients and business partners. A professional writer can zero in on these high points and bring them to the forefront of your content.

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