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How Jobseekers Sabotage Their Own Interviews

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Resumes | 0 comments


When seeking employment, there are many hurdles and hardships to deal with—but often, jobseekers are their own worst enemies.

In particular, there are a number of ways in which jobseekers throw a wrench into their own interviews, sabotaging themselves and lowering their chances of landing a new gig.

Some of the biggest sources of self-sabotage are listed below.

No. 1: Failing to prepare an elevator pitch.

“So tell me about yourself.” Your job interview may well begin with this very question—and if it doesn’t, you’re sure to hear some variation on it. So how will you answer? This is not the time to stumble and stammer. This question is an invitation for you to offer a clear, confident, and concise statement of who you are as an employee—and to transcend the facts and figures on your resume.

No. 2: Not asking any questions.

The job interview is not just a chance for the hiring manager to ask you questions; it’s also a chance for you to learn a bit more about the company. If you don’t chime in with some questions of your own, at interview’s end, then you’re squandering an opportunity—but worse, you’re coming across to the interviewer like you’re apathetic or unengaged.

No. 3: Talking trash about your current employer.

Maybe you don’t much care for the job you have now. That’s fine—but be diplomatic in how you express it. The interviewer does not want to hire someone who is prone to negativity or to complaining. If you complain about your current job, who’s to say you won’t complain about your next one?

No. 4: Having a resume you can’t stand behind.

Questions about your resume are bound to arise—so make sure you know what it says! Are there any positions on the resume you don’t want to talk about? Any claims you can’t back up? Any resume buzzwords that you can’t define? A poor resume can sabotage you, even during the interview process.

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