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Even Nonprofits Need Content Marketing

by | May 12, 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


Lately there has been a lot of buzz over the concept of philanthrocapitalism, which basically suggests that the best way for a nonprofit to make a real impact is for it to be run like any other business; in other words, that by doing well from a business standpoint, a nonprofit or charity can do good on a larger, more effective scale.

While some may debate over the extent to which this idea should be embraced, most of us would surely agree that nonprofits need to have some level of business sense. They need to have accurate bookkeeping and prudent financial management. They need to hire qualified people. And of course, they also need to engage in marketing—including content marketing. Without it, there is simply no way for the nonprofit to spread its message, build awareness, and appeal to donors on a large scale.

Nonprofits and the Benefits of Content Marketing

Here at the Grammar Chic blog, we talk frequently about the benefits of content marketing, and we tend to do so in terms of building brand recognition, cultivating trust, and earning customer loyalty. For nonprofit organizations and charitable groups, the benefits of content marketing are somewhat similar. Content marketing can educate the general public on what the nonprofit does, and why it matters. It can raise awareness not just for the cause in question, but also for the organization itself. It can build trust among potential donors—letting them know what your organization stands for, and proving that it is committed and knowledgeable in its work.

How Nonprofits Can Take Up Content Marketing

The question is, how can a nonprofit organization embrace the best principles of content marketing? Start with the basics:

  • Formulate a plan. We tell for-profit businesses that their content marketing endeavors need to be carefully planned, that goals need to be set and a brand mission statement needs to be drafted—and that’s true for nonprofits, as well. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? How do you want your organization to be branded? What are the best platforms for engaging your donors?
  • Utilize themes. Depending on the scope of your nonprofit, it might be smart to organize your content marketing with different themes. Change the theme every week, couple of weeks, or month; you might focus on a particular geographic area for a while, or on one particular area of medical research that your organization is supporting.
  • Stay in the loop. Make sure you’re using Google Alerts to keep up with everything that’s being said about your field.
  • Focus on educating. Remember that the point of content marketing is never to give a hard sell—least of all when it’s on behalf of a nonprofit group! Instead, emphasize education, and work to expand your reader’s understanding of the issues you’re involved with, why they matter, and what actions are being taken.
  • Don’t neglect calls-to-action. Finally, make sure your content links back to your website, preferably a page where potential donors can either learn more or else make a donation!

A final tip: Consider investing in an outsourced content marketing campaign, which can ultimately do much to build buzz for your organization—and generate more donations in the process. Learn more: Visit www.grammarchic.net or call 831-804-7444 today.