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Dumb Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Job Interview

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Job Search, Resumes | 0 comments


You put a lot of time into your resume and your LinkedIn profile. You devote plenty of energy to filling out applications and winning the attention of recruiters. And you expend a lot of mental energy thinking about—and fretting about—your career prospects.

So don’t let it all be for nothing. Don’t wreck your job interview by making a dumb, careless error.

Believe us, it happens—and more often than you might think. Just consider some of these all-too-common, all-too-fatal interview faux pas:

Showing up at the interview with a Monster energy drink/iced coffee/water bottle in your hands. The only thing to bring to your interview is your resume, and, if applicable, a portfolio of your work. Don’t show up with drinks or snacks, because, for one thing, it makes you look like a delivery man. For a second thing, it will leave you with wet or grubby hands. And for a third thing, it makes it seem like the interview is cutting into your snack time. Not a good vibe.

Dressing in a slovenly, unprofessional, or ostentatious manner. Yes, even in an era of somewhat relaxed corporate dress codes, your interview attire still matters.

Showing up even a little bit late. Really: Being tardy by even a minute can set the tone for the whole interview. Trust us: It will be noticed. Don’t risk it. Plan on showing up about 15 minutes early, to give yourself a buffer.

Lying! Don’t fudge the truth, even a little. The interviewer will consult your resume, call your references, and find you out. Interview dishonesty is always discovered.

Focusing all your attention on salary/benefits. Yes, obviously, you want to know about these things—and the interviewer should tell you. If at all possible, though, let the interviewer bring it up. You want to come across like you actually care about the job, not just the vacation days.

Being aloof. Above all, don’t act like you are disinterested in the job. Enthusiasm goes a long way. You don’t need to act foolish or cartoony, but do make it clear that you want the job and are passionate about what you do.

Don’t let a stupid mistake jeopardize your career prospects. Show up at the interview ready for business. That means bringing along a solid, compelling resume—which is something we can help you with! Call Grammar Chic today at 803-831-7444, or visit www.grammarchic.net.