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Tips and Tricks for Content Managers

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Any good content manager has to have an arsenal of tools available that they can rely on as they oversee a campaign. Things change quickly online, so a 360-degree look at a brand’s effectiveness is a must. You may have heard of platforms like HootSuite and WordPress, but how can they help you do your job more effectively and reach more potential clients? Read on for details.

The benefits of HootSuite

HootSuite is perfect for those who are trying to control multiple aspects of a campaign at once. The system allows you to look at updates from multiple networks—including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+–all on one screen. You can then reply to any messages or questions easily and efficiently, while also tracking specific keywords and/or hashtags. In addition to eliminating the need to open and close tabs all day, HootSuite makes it easier to monitor exactly what people are saying about the brand or about trends important to you. You can see your replies and search hashtags to find out how the conversation is going. This is a must for a qualified content management professional. With all of these capabilities, it’s no wonder why this system is the most popular social media management tool out there today.

Why use WordPress?

A business needs an eye-catching, sleek-looking website that’s also easy for content management personnel to maintain. Luckily, there’s WordPress, which makes all of these goals easy. WordPress allows business owners and content management professionals alike to create user-friendly websites that make it easy to change out the text and images on an as-needed basis. A static website is the kiss of death in this Internet-heavy world; WordPress makes it easy to stay relevant, even for those who get their GIFS and their JPEGs confused.

In addition to its foolproof functionality, WordPress also makes it easy to stay on top of blogs. You can schedule your business’s blogs weeks or even months in advance, thus creating fresh content without having to worry about it daily. Whether you have an extensive background in web design or don’t even know the basics, WordPress is appropriate for you and your brand. There are also plenty of free resources online about the system, thus making it easy to figure out how to use it to fulfill your content marketing needs.

Making the most out of Google Analytics

For those who are focused heavily on their brand’s web presence, Google Analytics is one of the most helpful tools out there. If you want to know exactly why people come to your website, Google Analytics has answers for you. If you want to know how much time the average user spends on the page or what search terms brought them there, Google Analytics can tell you just that. Any brand manager or content management professional should take a look at Google Analytics regularly; it tells you exactly what your audience is interested in (and what they could do without).

There’s far more to content management success than just coming up with funny one-liners and interesting responses to user suggestions. Having a complete picture of your brand’s Internet presence is the best way to ensure that you stay successful and relevant online.

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