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Content Marketing for Growing Businesses

by | May 28, 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


Content marketing doesn’t come in a neat and tidy package; it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, but rather it varies depending on the industry, the target audience, and the nature of the company itself. The marketing endeavors of a startup company, for example, are going to focus on establishing what the brand is, and what it stands for. The marketing for a Fortune 500 company will look very different, and may have more to do with cultivating trust, facilitating brand associations, and pushing back against any public misperceptions.

What about the company that falls somewhere between those two extremes, however? What kind of content marketing do you need for a company that’s well past the startup stage, but isn’t quite a big or even necessarily a medium-sized business yet? In other words, what kinds of content marketing do you need when it comes time to grow your small business?

Thinking Twice About LinkedIn

Again, there is no across-the-board right answer here, but we can tell you this much: If you came to Grammar Chic and told us that you’d long invested in content marketing for your small business, and now were looking to really take things to the next level, the first thing we’d ask about would be LinkedIn. LinkedIn is often ignored by small companies that want to invest their full time and resources into Facebook and Twitter, and that’s understandable—but if you want to build a bigger audience and move your company into the next stage of growth, LinkedIn is invaluable.

Simply put, LinkedIn is the best tool for enhancing your visibility and clout among other businesses in your industry. Post status updates every day. Join some groups, and contribute to industry-specific discussions. Connect with big players in your industry. Make it clear that your company is a vital part of the industry in question—that you really deserve a place at the table. That’s what LinkedIn is good for!

Starting a Newsletter

Something else we’d recommend: Start turning past customers into repeat ones. A great way to generate customer loyalty is to start up a monthly email newsletter. Use MailChimp or Constant Contact to create a mailing list of your past customers, and include a link on your website and on invoices/receipts where people can sign up. Send out a monthly update, just to keep in touch with customers and let them know about new products or promotions; a second, shorter, follow-up email should be sent to those who open the first message.

Convert Ambassadors

A final thing we’d recommend: Start turning some of your fans and followers into true brand ambassadors. Enlist your best customers in spreading the word about your business. Engage them personally on Facebook and Twitter, thanking them for their support. Hold a contest or even give away a friends-and-family discount to those who help you share content and spread the word about your company.

These strategies won’t grow your business overnight—but grow it they will if you’re patient and strategic. To learn more, or to get a free consultation, contact us today: Visit www.grammarchic.net, or call 804-831-7444.