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Content Marketing | Which Social Platforms Are Best for Your Business? Part 2

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


As we head into 2014, content marketing continues to be the focus of a great deal of buzz in the business world. Setting up a successful content marketing strategy for the new year is important; however, this is only going to be effective if you choose the right social platforms for your campaign.

In part one we covered Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as three of the top social networking sites that are incorporated into today’s content marketing strategies. In this post we will go over the merits of Instagram and LinkedIn.


Instagram is a highly popular mobile application that allows you to upload and share pictures, which can be distributed to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts with just the click of a button. But there’s more to Instagram than the creation of an online photo album.

One of the major draws of this app is the ability to crop photos and put them through different filters. These filters change the appearance of the pictures, making them look aged, more saturated in color, etc., depending upon the filter that you choose. Additionally, the editing tools allow you to add borders to the photographs, as well as focus on certain areas of a picture.

Ultimately, the pictures that you share are added to your profile. With the right settings, anyone can see these photographs—making this a great tool for business-to-consumer companies looking to attract the attention of Instagram users. Many companies, such as Hope’s (a boutique clothing store located in Georgia), have found great success with posting their products on Instagram and providing links that users can follow to make a purchase.

In addition to attracting new followers through promotion of the account along other marketing channels, Instagram allows you to build your following with the use of hashtags. A simple search of #clothing, for example, will bring up all of the photographs that have been labeled with this hashtag. As such, the use of hashtags is critical to success on Instagram.


LinkedIn has become the ultimate resource for individuals and businesses looking to make professional connections. For this reason, it is a fantastic social platform for business-to-business organizations that are hoping to attract the attention of business owners and other key decision makers.

The use of LinkedIn was once limited to the creation of a personal profile, which reads much like a resume; however, relatively recent updates to the website have allowed for the generation of company pages that individuals can follow. Updating these company pages is a lot like maintaining a Facebook account, although the audience is completely different. As such, LinkedIn is best for businesses that are looking to sell to professionals, rather than the general public.

Choosing the Right Platforms for Your Business

Content marketing really hinges on your ability to choose the appropriate online outlets for your marketing efforts. With so many options, though, this can be a difficult task. Have questions regarding social media, content marketing, or any of the other ways in which you can promote your business? Call Grammar Chic, Inc. today!