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Content Marketing Cupid’s Rules for Romancing New Customers

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


Whether you love the rosy red heartthrobs of Valentine’s Day or despise the “Singles Awareness” nature of February 14—there is no getting around this time of year. For business owners, it’s especially important to capitalize on this romantic holiday—there is no price to be put on love.

Business owners—especially those just starting to venture out in the social media space—should recognize that there are a lot of similarities to building a customer base and finding love. So if you are looking to grow your clientele, rather than your dating pool, here are a few tips from Content Marketing Cupid on finding the sweet spot:

  • Perfect Your Arrow’s Aim

A common dating strategy among the desperados is simply shooting in the dark, throwing out pick-up lines and hoping someone will bite. A lot of businesses fall into this trap as well, blindly advertising to consumers that would have no interest in them.

In the age of Big Data, it is essential to get a hold of your target audience—or those consumers that are in your league. Social media can be a great way of determining who is following you and what they are looking for. With this knowledge, you can craft your content marketing to cater to the specific viewer you know you have a chance with. Think of it as refining “icebreaker” topics with fresh potential customers.

  • Keep it Short and Sweet

Valentine’s Day is iconic for its prolific cards and love letters—after all, it spawned a whole new level for the greeting card market. However, in the romantic world, those who send long, descriptive love letters—or text messages—can often come off as overbearing and anxious, or simply lose the interest of their object of affection.  Sometimes, those trying to make a solid first impression can win hearts over, not with lengthy prose, but with short, sweet poems.

Much in the same way, businesses must keep it together and avoid crawling down the rabbit hole of being too descriptive. When writing articles, blogs or posts for the social media market, make sure to pose interesting ideas, but not give it all away at once. Perk the interest in the viewer, and you will have customers knocking down your door.

  • Cliché is Passé

Roses, chocolates, decorated letters, teddy bears—these are all the signature elements of St. Valentine’s special day. While these gifts may appeal to those in the Lonely Hearts Club, those who are in demand may shrug off these cliché favors from their suitors. As we’ve learned from all the romantic comedies of recent years, those who want to win a date with their true love must make a gesture—small or large—that is truly original. Being original means being remembered.

Consider this approach in content marketing, especially when expanding your audience. Instead of repurposing content, hashing out another writer’s article or piggy-backing on an overplayed trend, take the time to craft some truly unique material for your company. Whether using images, videos or words, make sure to present your brand’s unique message in a way that will keep customers close and win new hearts over.

  • Keep an Open Ear

A lot of first dates happen on Valentine’s Day—unfortunately, many of them go horribly wrong. One of the major causes of a faulty courtship is simply not listening to the other party. Talking too much, not asking the right questions or failing to take the time to get to know your person of interest could send many mixed signals that will leave him or her running for the door.

With this in mind, business owners and content creators should know that the whole social experience of the Internet is not always a one-way conversation. Businesses should pose questions to their customers, get to know them and listen to their concerns. Gaining this insight can be a great way to keep consumers on board and show them you care. Even better, listening to the voice of consumers by engaging with them on social media can help develop a brand in an organic way that aligns with what your market really wants.

  • Forget the One-Night Stand

While Valentine’s Day is often a sweet celebration of love, others may approach the holiday as a chance to “get lucky.” This may work for some, but pandering to one lover to seal the deal in one way or another can damage reputation and future relationships in the long run. In the romantic world, you don’t want to be known as the player who just wanted to make a quick sale.

It’s no secret that businesses often have a similar goal in mind—to make that sale with the right customer. However, when it comes to content marketing, it is important to remember that “setting and forgetting” can quickly burn the chance of attracting loyal followers. For example, if your company offers a flash sale to draw in new attention—make sure that relationship is not left unattended to after the transaction is made. Stay in touch, keep the conversation going and you’ll build a lasting online presence that draws visitors back time and time again.

Need a Content Marketing Match Made in Heaven?

While some lovers may have the “right stuff” or a “great personality,” they may go unnoticed if they don’t take chances to connect with others. Similarly, there are many great businesses that exist that have yet to build an online presence and become masters of their own content marketing strategy.

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