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Business writingIn our fast-paced business world, it’s commonplace to type out an email or compose a company memo on the fly—neglecting to edit and proof the message before it is sent. Other times, one is faced with writing a press release, a case study, website content, or a business plan, even though you have no formal background or training in what this type of writing entails. If you know that your success hinges on high-quality written communication, but feel nervous about your ability to tackle this task effectively, don’t stress! Grammar Chic is here for you!


Grammar Chic, Inc. Offers the Best in Business Writing Services and Editing Services

The professional business writers and editors at Grammar Chic have proven success in a variety of industries and can help you with the following business writing services and editing services:

  • Same day assistance or next day turnaround (based upon time of receipt) with writing and editing
  • Business Communications, i.e. emails, company memos, performance reviews, short articles, etc.
  • Press Release Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Social Media Writing and Content Creation
  • Blog Creation and Management
  • Professional Correspondence
  • Business Plan/Proposal Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Case Study Writing
  • Brochures and Other Marketing Material
  • Email Marketing and Direct Mail Material
  • And more…
Grammar Chic Consults with You to Ensure Your Written Message is Clear, Concise, and Professional

The professional writers and editors at Grammar Chic understand that no one knows your business better than you. That is why all of our business writing services include a personalized consultation and constant communication in order to ensure that we are not only capturing a professional message, but also that your voice, directive, and goals are perfectly clear to your audience.

Grammar Chic is ready to become your business writing services partner. In order to learn more about how our team has helped countless busy professionals just like you, call 803-831-7444 or email right now!