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What Our Content Marketing Team is Thankful for This Year

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


Content marketing moves at such a breakneck pace sometimes that it’s hard to find the time to just stop, relax, and reflect—but then again, isn’t that what this season of the year is all about? We know that many of our readers are travelling and spending some much-deserved time with family and friends, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t take some time to reflect on the things that our content marketing team is thankful for this year.

Just a few noteworthy items, then, and in no particular order:

  • We’re thankful for your engagement. If you’ve ever read our blog, shared our Facebook posts, or answered our questions on Twitter, then you’re a part of what we’re doing—and we really, sincerely appreciate it.
  • We’re thankful for social media. Though it’s maligned as often as it’s celebrated, social media is such a wondrous thing for connecting people, and for helping businesses grow and develop.
  • We’re thankful for Hootsuite. We use Hootsuite’s automation features pretty devotedly, and pretty frequently, and can’t even begin to express how much easier our lives are because of it.
  • We’re thankful for editorial calendars. We pretty much always have our social media campaigns planned weeks in advance—and we have our handy editorial calendars to thank for this level of preparedness.
  • We’re thankful for pop culture. We really can’t help the fact that we see content marketing lessons in Netflix and in Prince, in The Walking Dead and The Good Wife. And we’ll be the first to admit: We write those posts, first and foremost, because they’re just a lot of fun.
  • We’re thankful that content is still king. Search engine algorithms and social media trends change more or less daily, but one thing remains the same: Good, original, value-adding content always proves effective. There’s something very honest and very comforting in that—and since our job is to develop content, we’re obviously thankful that it still reigns supreme!
  • We’re thankful for our clients. We don’t mean to get too sappy here, but really: To be perfectly blunt, there are a lot of content marketing firms out there that have to deal with difficult clients or with boring businesses to write about. We feel fortunate to have so many legitimately interesting verticals to cover, and clients who tend to make it as easy as possible for us. Thanks to you all!

What are you thankful for this year? Leave a comment and let us know. And should any content marketing needs arise over the next few days, know that we’re always around: Visit www.grammarchic.net, or call 803-831-7444 for more information.