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The Jobseeker’s Guide to Good Manners

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Resumes | 0 comments


Last week at the Grammar Chic blog, we stressed the importance of finesse in the job search process; we warned that there is such a thing as being overly aggressive, and that while assertiveness is important, so are good manners.

Today, we’re going to dive a bit further into the second half of that equation, and note exactly what jobseekers need to remember about proper etiquette.

Remember that first impressions count for quite a bit in the job search—and a simple slip of protocol or breach of etiquette can poison the well and prevent you from wowing a potential employer.

Some specific tips:

  1. Respect people’s time. If you send your resume and get a confirmation of its receipt, then you don’t need to keep e-mailing your resume over and over. Checking in after a few days is one thing, but don’t become a nuisance. Remember that employers and hiring managers have plenty to do besides offer you status reports and sift through your e-mails.
  2. Remember that you’re not in charge of scheduling interviews. Wait for the employer or HR person to set up a time, rather than taking this upon yourself. Like we said in our previous entry, aggression can be off-putting.
  3. In an interview, listen when people speak. Try to avoid having to ask people to repeat themselves, and definitely avoid giving irrelevant or rambling answers to a question.
  4. Leave your phone in the car. You don’t need to be checking e-mail or silencing incoming calls all through an interview. Give the process your full attention. Leave your cell in the glove box.
  5. Send a thank-you note. A bit of gratitude goes a long way. Send a thank-you note on the same day as your interview, if at all possible!
  6. Proofread your resume. Handing someone a resume loaded with typos and grammatical errors is, frankly, a little disrespectful.
  7. Be nice to people. This is as basic as it gets, but it’s also wildly important. Again: You only have one shot at forming a warm and amiable first impression.

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