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Spring Cleaning Your Online Content: 5 Simple Steps

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


It may or may not feel like it, in your neck of the woods, but today is the first day of spring—which brings with it the annual ritual known as spring cleaning.

For homeowners, spring cleaning involves taking stock, getting rid of the garbage, replacing things that need to be replaced, polishing and dusting off things that have grown grimy, organizing, and simply ensuring that everything looks its best.

Spring cleaning has applications for marketers and small business owners, as well: With the holiday rush well behind us and the long stretch of spring and summer laying ahead, there’s no time like now to check your online content, removing or refurbishing that which is out of date and ensuring everything is optimized and looking its best.

The Grammar Chic team offers these five tips for spring cleaning your online content:

  1. Audit your website. Read through every bit of it and appraise whether anything needs to be refreshed. You can use our guide to ‘About Us’ page creation to help you. Additionally, note that even the evergreen sections of your site, including the Home Page and the FAQ section, need to be freshened up every year or two, just to keep them relevant and different.
  2. Consider adding on to your website. Do you have strong calls to action on every page? A dedicated contact page? Logical internal navigation? Now is a great time to confirm that you have all the website essentials.
  3. Appraise your blog. How many times have you been posting each month, on average? How consistently, and with what kind of traction? If your blogging has been sporadic, get organized with an editorial calendar.
  4. Rewrite your social media profiles. This includes your Facebook bio, your Twitter bio, and so on. Don’t let things grow stale or overly familiar. Freshen them up every year or so.
  5. Check all your online reviews. Get a good sense of where you stand. If you don’t have many reviews, consider sending an e-mail blast to your best customers, asking them to leave you some feedback.

Now is the time to get things looking their best; for assistance with any of this, contact the Grammar Chic, Inc. team today at www.grammarchic.net or 803-831-7444.