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How to Write the Perfect Résumé When You’re Self-Employed

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Resume Writing | 0 comments


We all know that having a killer résumé is important in order to land your dream job, but is a résumé really necessary when you work for yourself? Actually, yes. Whether you’re freelancing full-time or own your own business, a traditional résumé is crucial to your future success. Use it on your business website and share it with potential new clients. If you’re stuck on how to tackle a résumé when you’re your own boss, keep these tips in mind:

  • Focus on your skills: While the day-to-day work that you do may be less important for someone who’s self-employed, you still want to thoroughly emphasize the skills you have. How have you gone above and beyond for past clients? What sets you apart from other similar professionals? Showcasing the reasons why you’re unique helps to put you ahead of the rest of the pack in a potential client’s mind.
  • Eliminate the objective section: Many recent grads feel as though they should include an objective section that highlights what kind of position they’re looking for. Since you’re working for yourself, you can hit “delete” on that entire section. Instead, provide an overview of your skills and passions. Even though you’re not actively job-hunting, you still want to get people a sense of what you’re all about.
  • Provide a detailed history of what you’ve done: Your past professional experiences help to give you credibility, and makes potential clients feel more comfortable entrusting you with their work. Highlight some of the most successful or important projects you’ve worked on, and don’t forget to showcase any awards or honors.
  • Don’t forget to promote it: Jobseekers typically post their résumé on LinkedIn and other professional platforms right away, but if you’re currently self-employed you may forget to do this. Once you craft a résumé that highlights your strengths and what you do for your clients, don’t forget to get the word out. Add your newly updated résumé to LinkedIn, post it on your business’s website, and bring it to client meetings. Even if you’re not looking to get hired somewhere full-time, you still have to show people exactly why you’re equipped to handle the work.
  • Keep in mind that a résumé is a marketing tool: A résumé isn’t just some obligatory thing that you have to make because someone told you so. It’s a powerful marketing tool, and it’s one that you should take full advantage of in order to grow your business. Your résumé tells the story of who you are as a professional, and it can catch a new client’s attention quickly. Put plenty of time and effort into it in order to ensure that it stands out as you’d like it to.

When it comes to writing a résumé when you’re self-employed, use the document as a chance to let your skills shine. Show new customers why they should choose to work with you, and take the opportunity to toot your own horn about past successes.

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