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How to Use Your Social Media Efforts to Effectively Target Millennials

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Social Media | 0 comments


When Facebook and Twitter first hit the scene, these platforms were a haven for millennials. These users spent hours each day sharing photos, communicating with friends, and interacting with brands. While that hasn’t changed entirely, social media has begun to appeal to an older audience too. In fact, the largest growing demographic of social media users is currently the 45-54 year old age bracket. This means that millennials’ moms and dads are now driving the social media bus. But for brands that are hoping to continue to talk to the younger set on their social media platforms, there is still hope. Here’s how to do it:

Know what they want

Millennials have gotten a bad reputation for being in love with themselves and their own image. While this may be true of some users, a large majority of this group also wants to contribute to society in a positive way. Brands that just assume that millennials only want to a chance to be famous will be missing out on a major sector of the population that wants to get involved and do good. Instead, companies should think about how their social media campaigns might give millennials a chance to feel valued and respected. Playing to ego works to a certain extent, but many of these users are looking for something more when they browse social networks.

Don’t unveil it until it’s perfected

If you’re kicking around a new social media campaign, wait until you’ve worked out the kinks before you make it public. Millennials are tough on companies that fail to execute properly. Any cheesiness, typos, improper facts, or false promises will quickly feel the wrath of the young social media user. Give this group honesty and deliver on promises and they will continue to want to connect with you. Overpromise and underdeliver and you’ll lose this group permanently.

Don’t dumb it down

You have to assume that young users are aware of trends and are savvy when it comes to social media. Because of this, there’s no reason to dumb down your posts. You don’t have to explain to them how to go about liking the page, and you don’t need to break down popular trends into the simplest of terms. While it’s important to provide information for those who may not be aware already, talk to this group with respect and they will return the favor. Assume your audience is just as smart and up-to-date as your close friends and family members. Okay, maybe just focus on your close friends. This will allow you to craft content that is informative without being condescending.

It’s a dialogue, not a lecture

Social media allows brands to engage in an ongoing dialogue with clients and potential clients. But some brands’ social media efforts go astray when they forget that social media is just that, a dialogue. You can talk to millennials, but they also want to be able to talk back to you and get heard. To do this well, respond to comments, answer questions, and exchange insights. Don’t just preach to your audience and expect them to stay interested.

When your social media efforts are smart, witty, and open to responses from users, you’ll find that you attract millennials in a positive way.

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