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How to Invite People You Know to LIKE Your Facebook Page

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Content Marketing, Social Media | 1 comment


There are plenty of ways to build an audience for your company Facebook page, to extend its reach and its influence. Many Facebook marketing methodologies are rather costly, of course, and nearly all of them require a long-term commitment and a big-picture mindset. But what if we told you there was something you could do right now to grow your Facebook audience, that it would only take two or three minutes, and that it’s free?

Simple enough: Just invite your existing friends to like your company Facebook page. Not all of them will do it, necessarily, but many will. Every like counts, and this is perhaps the easiest way to get ‘em!

Inviting Your Current Facebook Friends

Of course, if you’ve never done this before, you may have some questions about how it’s done. It’s really quite easy! Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in as You, the Person—not as You, the Business. (That is, log into Facebook using your personal account.)
  2. Now click over to your business Facebook page, and look at your Cover Photo. Do you see the button with the three dots (“…”) in the lower right corner? Click it!
  3. You’ll then get a menu that pops up with a few basic options. The one you want to click on is “Invite Friends.”
  4. Next you’ll come to a screen that has a few different options for selecting friends:
    1. At the top of the menu, you’ll see a search bar where you can simply enter the name of a specific friend you want to invite.
    2. The main section of the menu will feature a list with all your friends; simply scroll down and click anyone you wish to invite!
    3. Off on the left-hand side, you’ll see some filters, allowing you to search only for friends who belong to certain Groups.
  5. Simply click on all the friends you want to invite, then hit the blue button at the bottom. It should read, “Send Invites.”

A Couple of Quirks

That, basically, is how you invite a friend to like your company Facebook page. One thing we should note: You can only invite someone to like the page once, and that friend must then either accept or ignore your invitation. You cannot “re-invite” a friend who simply forgot to respond. If that’s the boat you’re in, you may want to send that person a private message or a text, offering a friendly reminder of the pending page invitation.

Also note that Facebook does enable you to “suggest” your page to folks who are not your personal Facebook friends—though you will need to have them as e-mail contacts. Simply go back to your cover photo and those three dots (“…”), but this time select the command to Suggest Page and follow the prompts from there.

Again: This is not a surefire way to make your page go viral overnight—but it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s free, and it usually yields some results. Why wouldn’t you do it?

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