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How to Create Fantastic Facebook Posts

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Social Media | 0 comments

Grammar Chic, Inc. Facebook Blog Post

As a writer who was trained to believe that words count before all else, penning posts for use on social media, namely Facebook, is something that has placed me outside of my comfort zone.  Indeed, words count, but I have also had to learn that you cannot focus on high quality writing alone.

Having attended college long before the advent of social media, it impresses me to know that writing for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the like is now something that is taught in marketing and journalism classes.  If you are like many others, you know that engaging in content marketing is something that is imperative to the success of your business and brand.  But you also know that you don’t have time to enroll in Content Marketing 101 at the local community college either.  Not to worry, there is good news!  I have compiled a list of the five rules you need to follow when creating Facebook posts that people want to read, see and, most importantly, engage in.

5 Rules for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts

  1. Use striking images.  True, I might be a writer and own a writing company, but I have to give props to the fact that great images improve engagement on a Facebook post.  Ultimately, people appreciate posts that come with intelligent, funny, thought-provoking pictures.  Quality writing does count for something, but capturing a user’s attention right off the bat can be done with a great picture.  Moreover, statistics show that posts that have images out-perform posts that do not.
  2. Focus on your Edgerank score and improve it.  I know, you are probably looking at this and saying, “Just what is Edgerank?”  Don’t feel bad, I did too.  Edgerank is the Facebook algorithm used to determine just how close you are with your fans.  It is a tool used to decide how important you are to the people who “like” your Facebook page and it is this that determines when your posts are shown to them.  Your Edgerank score is improved when you achieve better user engagement and can also be increased if you are able to tag your fans in posts.  The theory goes that if they see their name, they are more likely to respond directly.
  3. Implement short video clips.  You can improve a user’s experience by showing them a short video clip (usually under four minutes; remember that most people don’t have the attention span for something longer on social media).  These video clips need to be funny, entertaining and, if you can manage it, have viral components so that people want to share.  Moreover, this is one area where your ability to write an enticing hook comes into play.  For instance, “This is a video with great information, but did you notice what was happening in the background?”
  4. Incorporate links.  A great link that also serves to engage a user typically allows for an image with a text intro.  However, it’s not enough just to share this.  Provide your point of view and opinion on why you are sharing it and possibly pose a question for a user to answer if they click on the link.
  5. Invite discussion or debate.  The key to success in a Facebook post is ultimately allowing for discussion and debate to be had by your audience.  Brand loyalty is built when a consumer has the chance to engage with a business, as well as share their feedback, insight or knowledge.  Yes, your business might be an authority in your industry, but if you allow your customer to key in on the subject and give them the chance to offer their take on things, you are giving them the spotlight and making them look good.  When you write a post that invites this sort of engagement, make sure you use a strong call to action, ask questions and present trivia, polls and the like.  All of these methods will get your fans talking.

As much as I hate to admit it, successful Facebook posts are about much more than great writing alone.  However, if you are able to combine the components I listed above with great writing, you are well on your way to social media success.  Remember though, the team at Grammar Chic, Inc. is here to help you, whether you need assistance creating a social media editorial calendar that works for your organization or simply need to craft Facebook and Twitter posts that inspire, engage and entertain.  Call 803-831-7444 or visit www.grammarchic.net right now for more details.  Remember to “Like” us on Facebook and, of course, we invite you to follow us on Twitter @GrammarChicInc.