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Have You Created Content? Here’s What to Do Next

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


Content creation is a necessary part of any successful marketing strategy, but the idea of content creation is a process. Just because you’ve written the blog or found a link you want to share, doesn’t mean your work is done. In fact, the follow-through is just as important as crafting the content in the first place. Without publicizing what you’ve done, the content is useless. To make sure you see the content creation process through from start to finish, keep these tips in mind:

Target your audience correctly

As you create the content, you’re (hopefully) keeping your target audience in mind.  However, it’s common to abandon this notion once you begin distribution. Whether it’s tweeting a link out to a blog post, writing a subject line for an email newsletter, or sharing a link on Facebook, you want to make sure that every detail is done with that ideal customer or client in mind. It’s important to understand this group’s social media habits, while also learning about the writing style and kinds of words that attract them. For instance, if you publish a magazine for lawyers, writing in slang commonly used by the general will seem off-putting and may cause that professional to avoid clicking on your materials. However, if you’re writing for new moms, the communication must have a personal and authentic voice. Jargon or overwhelming amounts of stats may seem cold and unappealing. Regardless of what kind of field you’re in, keeping your brand’s voice consistent in any form of communication with your audience is a must.

Publish it properly

Many business owners spend significant amounts of time creating wonderful, unique content, but then don’t give it the support it needs. What’s the point of creating new blogs weekly if the blog is nearly impossible to find on your site? Why bother linking to relevant articles on Twitter if you don’t know how to do so correctly and the link is always dead? When you’re publishing your content, make sure you’re also supporting it thoroughly and correctly. These small details may mean the difference between engaging a reader or causing them to bounce.

Use applicable social networks

Most people know about promoting their materials on Facebook and Twitter, but a thorough marketing strategy targets more than just these two platforms. Don’t forget to use Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and other tools in order to get your content the coverage and eyeballs it deserves.  However, also remember that just because social platforms are popular doesn’t mean your targeted audience is using them—you don’t have to be everywhere at once.

Connect with influencers in your field

While you should be your own best advocate, ultimately you’re limited in your reach. That’s why it’s important to rely on industry influencers to help spread your message for you. Take some time to identify the thought leaders in your field, and then work to make connections with them online. From there, you can send them a link to a blog post that you think is relevant to their business, or engage them in a conversation that pertains to the field. While you shouldn’t ask someone to continually promote your materials for no reason, these influencers love to find interesting and thought-provoking material. If you make it easy for them to access your content, chances are good that they’ll want to share it with their fans.

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