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Content Marketing vs. Copywriting: What’s the Difference?

by | Oct 21, 2013 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


As a business professional, you’ve probably heard the terms content marketing and copywriting getting kicked around quite a bit as of late. But while it may seem as though these two terms are entirely different concepts, they must be done in tandem in order for a business to enjoy success and to bring on new clients. Read on to find out how the two interact, as well as the subtle distinctions between them:

Content marketing

This refers to crafting content that serves a purpose from a marketing standpoint. For example, sharing informational blog posts or developing a special report and then sending it out to subscribers on an e-mail list. Content marketing materials are designed to educate a consumer. Examples of content marketing work might include blogs and viral videos.


The purpose of copywriting is to get a person to take a specific action. This can vary depending on the company’s ultimate goals, but may include:

  • Making a purchase
  • Opting in to an e-mail newsletter
  • Calling for more details
  • Going into a store

Materials written by a copywriter include sales pages, direct mailings, and infomercials.

While these types of writing are two distinct beasts, they have to work hand-in-hand in order for a business to be successful. You can write fascinating blogs and articles, but if you’ve got boring headlines, readers won’t click on the links and your material won’t get seen. At the same time, you can write the most fascinating headline out there, but if the blog it’s promoting falls short, you’ll find readers quickly navigating away from your page.

Ultimately, copywriting and content marketing need each other. Though they’re not one in the same, they’re certainly dependent on one another in order to make a business successful.  A few points to keep in mind as you’re doing both your copywriting and your content marketing:

  • Only people in advertising like advertising. If your content reads like an ad, readers will discard it quickly. Instead, wrap your advertising into beneficial and readable content. Regardless of what you’re writing, you don’t want to sound as if you’re trying to sell something to people. Give them information and let them feel compelled to make a purchase on their own, don’t push it on them with aggressive writing.
  • Don’t write for search engines: Many writers make the mistake of writing for search engines instead of for readers. While you want to optimize your content for search engines, you always want to make sure it’s easy and enjoyable to read. Above all else, write for people first. Then go back and make your materials search engine friendly.

Though it may seem as if content marketing and copywriting are two completely different skill sets, they have to be done in tandem in order for a company to enjoy success and earn new clients. When you’ve mastered both, you’ll find that your company enjoys a steady stream of new business.

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