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5 Summer-Ready Content Marketing Ideas

by | May 2, 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 comments


One of the great virtues of content marketing is its flexibility—how it allows you to engage your customers in different ways at different times. This includes seasonal promotions, holiday-themed marketing ideas, and content strategies designed to reflect the current time of year. While many content marketers are adept at creating content centered on the Christmas holiday, however—and to a lesser extent maybe Valentine’s Day—the hot months of summer often get the shaft, with nary an original or seasonal content marketing idea to be found.

Now is as good a time as any for you to start thinking about content marketing ideas that are summer-ready—tailored to draw the attention of your customers even during this busy time of the year. We’ve listed a few particular summer suggestions in the bullet points that follow.

  • Include summer-themed messaging. Hopefully, you keep your Constant Contact emails and your blog posts reasonably light-hearted anyway, but summer represents a season when it’s especially smart to keep things cheerful. Remember that many of your readers are going to be vacationing, or preparing for a road trip, or simply enjoying some warm weather, so don’t make things too heavy. Instead, try to think of themes related to fun in the sun, to family trips, and so forth. If you’re a personal trainer, gear your blogs toward the desire to have a “beach body,” for instance. If you’re an insurance agent, frame your blogs around the concepts of safe road-tripping and family vacationing.
  • Offer summer tips and advice. Summer brings its own set of challenges, so why not offer your readers some ways to tackle these challenges head-on? Plumbers might offer some advice on summer water conservation, or some cautions against common summer plumbing problems. Physicians might use their blogs or Facebook pages to offer some advice about summer safety. The list goes on.
  • Encourage summer activities. Use the summer season as an excuse to hold a contest or to crowdsource some content. Have an Instagram contest in which you ask users to submit photos of your product, in use at the beach. Ask for your Twitter followers to share their favorite warm-weather activities, using a unique summer-themed hashtag.
  • Offer summer promos. If you have an HVAC company, now’s a great time to offer a discount on summer unit inspections or replacements—and to promote the discount on social media sites! The same goes for any kind of business: If you’ve got a seasonal discount or special, you can get some great social media traction out of it.
  • Highlight summer service. Does your company support any seasonal charities, fundraisers, or nonprofits—like a local Little League team, for example, or a summer blood drive? Take to Facebook and Twitter to promote it!

Summer is no time for you to take a vacation from content marketing; instead, ramp up your activities with some unique seasonal content. To learn more, contact us at www.grammarchic.net or call 803-831-7444.