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4 Crucial Website Elements You May Be Overlooking

by | May 13, 2015 | Content Writing, Web Content | 2 comments

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Is your website a 24/7 sales machine? Is it a virtual storefront that draws in new clients and converts leads into consumers? Or does it just kind of sit there on the Web—an online placeholder but not much more?

We talk to a lot of small business owners who are anxious about the efficacy of their website. They want to know what they can do to make it really effective. There are always tweaks that can be made, both big and small—but why not start with the simple ones? Here are four small but powerful additions to make your website more compelling today.

  1. Your phone number.

Every page of your business website should have your phone number—and not a personal cell, either, but a dedicated business line (or a Google Voice box). Phone numbers are used by Google when showing local search results, but more important than that, your phone number will show customers that you are available to help, and that your business is a real business. The phone number offers validation and establishes trust, and it couldn’t be a simpler addition to your website.

  1. Thought leadership.

Customers need to be able to see what your company does, but also that you know what you’re doing. Offering information, not just promotion, shows that you’re active and involved in your industry and competent in your field. Show thought leadership by including clearly-marked links to your company blog and to active social media feeds.

  1. Calls to action.

We say this all the time, but it’s that important: Calls to action should be used on every page of your business website. The call to action guides the user through the website and helps you achieve your goals—getting customers to provide their e-mail, pick up the phone and call you, buy a product, or whatever else.

  1. An About Us page.

Customers don’t necessarily need to know your life story but they do need to hear about your experience and your qualifications. An About Us page is a great place to build trust. Of the four elements listed here this one may be the toughest to add, but you can always hire a company like Grammar Chic to help you put your company’s story into words!

To learn more about any of these imperative website elements, contact us today at www.grammarchic.net or 803-831-7444.