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Are You Overdoing it in Your Job Search?

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Resume Writing, Resumes | 0 comments

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The job search can do strange things to a person. It can often be a frustrating and stressful process, which in turn can make folks feel a little desperate. As such, what begins as a perfectly reasonable and even-tempered quest for employment can gradually devolve into something a little bit uglier—a little bit too aggressive.

Yes, it’s possible to be too aggressive in your job search, something a recent Forbes article makes clear. Seeking employment requires you to be confident and proactive, it’s true, but, as this article makes plain, it’s also important for jobseekers to remember the rules of etiquette; to be gentle and flexible when the situation calls for it; and to realize that coming on too strong hurts more than helps their career progress.

The Forbes article lists a few specific ways in which jobseekers fall prey to over-aggression, and some of them are worth highlighting here:

  1. Not following the accepted protocol on LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn can be an invaluable networking tool—but not if you come across as desperate, which you absolutely will if you send out a generic, mass request for more connections. Networking on LinkedIn takes more time, patience, and good manners than that.
  2. Not following the accepted protocol at networking events. The same holds true at live networking events. Showing up with the sole aim of handing out as many resumes as you can—instead of cultivating actual relationships—will get you nowhere fast.
  3. Being too pushy in trying to schedule an interview. Remember: Once you submit an application, there’s nothing you can do but wait and, within reason, follow up. It’s not up to you to schedule the interview; don’t try to force yourself on an employer who simply doesn’t have interest, or maybe just hasn’t had the time to contact you.
  4. Saying you’re the best, instead of just showing it. Hopefully, you have a resume that speaks for itself, and highlights your worth and achievements in a meaningful way. Statements like “I am the best candidate for the job” can actually be a turnoff, Forbes

If we could offer a quick coda to this entire topic, it would be this: Having a firm yet delicate approach to the job search—being assertive but also exercising good judgment and finesse—will take some confidence. Nothing makes a jobseeker feel confident like knowing that he or she has a great resume being circulated. If you need help crafting your own killer resume, don’t hesitate to contact the Grammar Chic team at www.grammarchic.net, or 803-831-7444.