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5 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer for Your Business

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Content Writing | 2 comments


Bill Gates is attributed with making the statement “Content is King” way back in 1996, but it has only been recently that these words set the online marketing world on fire.  Indeed, his sage observation, along with Google’s algorithm changes, has largely powered the current content marketing movement.  But it has also caused something else to happen.  Namely, it has spawned the realization amongst hundreds of thousands of business owners and marketers that, in fact, they cannot write or don’t have the time to.

Today, the majority of business pros understand that in order to edge their brand out in front of the competition, they need to keep the masses (i.e. Twitter followers, Facebook fans and blog readers) happy with a continual stream of information that is compelling, creative, interesting and relevant.  Moreover, depending on the business, individual or brand, this content might also need to be inspiring and motivating.

Feeling the pressure yet?

If so, you aren’t alone.  Many business owners, even the ones who know they have some writing skills, have realized the intense pressure content marketing and the writing that goes hand-in-hand with it present.  Yes, there is a writing commitment associated with the marketing practice, but there is also a research and time commitment.  It’s not enough to simply throw a tweet out there or post a haphazard Facebook status update for your business; you have to do your due diligence, engage in the research, understand what your followers want to hear about and then craft your content.

However, this is exactly what content writers are for.  And this material can be outsourced in an effective manner.

Outsourcing Content to a Professional Writing Service Has Benefits 

  1. When you hire a professional content writer you will save time.  Outsourcing your content writing will help you free up your time, or the time of whatever staff member you currently have working on this task.  This will allow you to focus on your business’ competencies and customer satisfaction.
  2. Professional content writers can help improve readership.  Ultimately, a professional writer is an individual who knows what it takes to write great copy—material that people not only want to read, but also share.  Therefore, the readership of your blog will increase, your Facebook fans will be more engaged and you will score some added retweets.
  3. Content writers will research your business and provide a different viewpoint.  As a business owner, you might feel like there is no way that an outside writer will be able to understand your business.  This is where you might be wrong.  Professional writers are typically skilled researchers as well as communicators and will be able to help your content break away from the tunnel vision it might currently have.  A writer who has the ability to research, understand and communicate what your followers want to hear about also has the capability of offering a fresh point of view.
  4. A professional content writer understands what Google wants.  If there is any higher power that the majority of content marketers pray to, it’s Google.  And if we have learned anything as content marketers over the past year it is that Google absolutely loves fresh content and rewards those who provide this with increased numbers of website visitors.
  5. A professional writer is an expert on copy.  Just like you are a pro at what you do, so is a content writer who creates copy for a living.  Outsourcing your copy to this individual means that you will likely end up with material that is better than what you could have done on your own, even without any time constraints, and that, ultimately, your business will benefit from the writer’s expertise.

Now, the last thing to remember is that not all content writers are the same.  There is no industry pricing per se, and realize that each writer or writing firm that you might contact is going to be slightly different in their approach and their cost structure.  It’s important that you find a writer or a writing company that fits with your objectives, budget and writing requirements.  On that note, while looking at the cheapest option out there, just remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”  Outsourcing to writers in some remote country might seem like an easy and cheap option, but I can tell you that you will be frustrated when you start receiving copy that is in broken English and you will end up contracting a U.S.-based professional writing company to re-do it. On the flip side of that, the most expensive firm can’t necessarily guarantee results either.  Always remember to do your research when considering professional content writers.

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