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5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Content

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is coming up with fresh new content on a regular basis—however, it is possible to repurpose old content. Even in industries where there is a lot of creative potential, writer’s block is a common phenomenon. The good news is you don’t always have to come up with content from scratch. There’s also a time and a place to repurpose old content, breathing new life into established ideas.

At first blush, this might almost feel like cheating… but think about it: You’ve got existing content that’s relevant, informative, and well-written. Why not try to get as much mileage out of it as possible, whether by updating its outdated information or simply by presenting it in a new way?

When you repurpose old content, you’re not just increasing your content bang for buck, but also giving yourself a little break from the treadmill.

As you think about repurposing content, there are a number of ways to go about it. Consider just a few tips to recycle content for your website or business blog.

How to Repurpose Old Content: Dos and Don’ts

First, it might be helpful to think about what repurposing content actually means… and what it doesn’t. For instance:

  • When we talk about repurposing content, we mean updating/refreshing an older blog with new statistics or more current information. We don’t mean simply taking a years-old blog, as is, and promoting it on social media as if it’s brand new.
  • We might also mean taking some statistics, bullet points, or key takeaways from a blog post or e-book, then using them to craft infographics or standalone LinkedIn posts. We don’t mean stealing content wholesale from someone else’s website or blog.
  • It’s also important to note that repurposing content is different from cross-channel marketing. Sharing the same piece of content on different platforms is great, but it’s not what we’re talking about here.

5 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

Now let’s drill down into some specific ways to recycle blogs and/or rewrite old content.

1) Combine longer blog posts into an e-book.

This is an especially good option if you’ve written a number of long-form blog posts that address a similar topic, or perhaps represent some type of progression. By combining these posts into a longer e-book that your website visitors can download, you’re able to create an enticing and valuable offer that you might use to collect leads. Note that, while you won’t necessarily need to do a full blog rewrite, you may need to add an introduction and smooth out your transitions for the e-book to flow smoothly.

2) Pull stats or quotes.

A simple way to get more mileage out of a really good post? Extract salient statistics or really good quotes, load them into a program like Canva, and develop some original images you can share on social media.

3) Turn blog posts into video scripts.

It may be easier than you think to convert old blog posts into fresh new video content. For example, if you’ve written any “how to” posts, you can use them to provide some structure and verbiage for a talking-head tutorial video. This is a great way to take some of your best insights and present them to a whole new audience.

4) Convert webinars into blog posts.

You can also run that play in reverse: If you’ve got some engaging video content that seems to be doing well, whether a webinar or a quick video update, consider transcribing it into a brand-new blog post. Again, this allows you to present tried-and-true content in a new way, without having to reinvent the wheel or ideate a whole new topic. (Incidentally, this same approach would work with podcasts!)

5) Create evergreen posts.

If you have short blog posts that seem to generate a lot of heat, you may consider expanding them into longer, more thorough posts, complete with more extensive statistics, embedded videos, and more. Long-form content can serve as evergreen fodder for your content marketing efforts, especially if you take the time to refresh the statistics every year or two. A professional blog writer can help you convert a decent post into something truly comprehensive.

To Repurpose Old Content, Analytics are Key

One final note: Before you start to repurpose old content, it’s critical to consult your data so that you can get a sense of which content is worth repurposing. Generally speaking, your best bet is to look for posts that get a decent amount of traffic and engagement… that’s the content you know readers appreciate, so it makes sense to start there with your content recycling efforts.

The bottom line: Without analytics, your best efforts at repurposing content are just based on guesswork.

Ready to Recycle Blogs? Call a Professional Blog Writer.

No matter what type of content you’re hoping to refresh and refurbish, you’ll surely benefit from the assistance of a skilled blog writer. At Grammar Chic, Inc., our team is ready to take your existing content and give it new life. Reach out whenever you’re ready to talk about repurposing old content: Call 803-831-7444 or visit our contact page.