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5 Benefits to Hiring a Ghostblogger

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Content Marketing, Ghostwriting | 0 comments

By now, you’ve surely seen the statistics: More than 80 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to do business with a company that’s in the content production game. That’s not so surprising, when you think about it: A commitment to content creation proves your passion to assist customers. It exhibits thought leadership. It offers authority but also extends helpful service—a winning combo that your small business can’t afford to ignore.

There are different ways to create content, but blogging is the most direct and most value-adding of them all—yes, we would argue, even more than video or infographics. And there’s more than one way to arrive at compelling blog content. You can write it yourself, or you can outsource to a ghostblogger.

Working with a Ghostblogger

But what does it mean, to work with a ghostblogger? You’ve surely heard of ghostwriters, whose work tends to encompass more than half of the New York Times Bestsellers list at any given moment! Ghostbloggers work similarly: A ghostblogger will spend time speaking with you and getting to know your business, your audience, your values. You are welcome to direct your ghostblogger to your buyer personas, and in fact we recommend it. The ghostblogger, in turn, may furnish you with some blog topics to choose from, then create a draft that’s written from your point of view and conveys the values and vision of your brand.

This may be something of a new experience for some of you, but it’s an experience that can yield many benefits.

Why Work with a Ghostblogger?

In fact, we’ll list five huge reasons to work with a ghostblogger:

Quality. You may be an expert in entrepreneurship, in accounting, in manufacturing, or in a wide number of things—but you may not be an expert in writing. Ghostbloggers, like those employed here on the Grammar Chic team, are trained and equipped to write compelling, persuasive, and engaging content—reflecting well on your brand and engaging your audience. Are you worried that the blogs you’re writing yourself are suboptimal quality? Then you need a ghostblogger.

Vision. A good ghostblogger will understand that the blog is just one part of your company’s marketing machinery—and will work to ensure that the blog works in tandem with your social media and other online assets, ultimately holding up the voice and values of your company.

SEO. Blogging alone will not guarantee SEO success, yet a quality post, written with judicious keywords, can certainly provide some meaningful search engine fodder. A ghostblogger may not guarantee search engine success—nor should she—but it is very often a nice side effect!

Time. The obvious one: If you’ve got a ghostblogger doing your company’s content creation, you have time freed up to focus on other aspects of growing your business!

Engagement. Ghostbloggers worth their salt will understand that your blog copy needs to end with a rousing call to action—that audience participation is the whole point of business blogging!

Get a ghostblogger working for you today, and start reaping these benefits. Contact us at www.grammarchic.net, or 803-831-7444.