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10 Ways to Take Your Social Media Posts from Forgettable to Share-Worthy

by | May 20, 2013 | Social Media | 0 comments


With so many individuals and companies competing for attention on social media, it can seem nearly impossible to make your voice heard above the crowd. However, compelling social media content is a quick way to earn attention and brand loyalty. So what can you do to take your social media strategy from “blah” to viral? Here are some tips:

  • Behind the scenes info: Whether you sell frozen yogurt or cars, people love to get a behind the scenes peek of what goes on at your company’s office. This helps to put a face with the brand, and remind people that you’re not just a bunch of robots. Share pictures from funny moments that happen in your office, pictures of unique décor in the building, and other shots they may not see otherwise. If there are personalities related to your product (such as hosts for a TV show or a popular face in a commercial) then incorporate these individuals into the behind-the-scenes information.
  • Humor: People love to get a quick laugh when they’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. When appropriate, feel free to post humorous content. This is probably not wise if you run a business where clients need to turn to you during serious times, but for more light-hearted work, this strategy is effective.
  • Articles they’ll want to read: If you find a particularly insightful piece on a website, whether industry-specific or mainstream, share it with your followers so that they can check it out too.
  • Questions: Social media users love to give their opinion, so questions and fill-in-the-blank statements are often popular. The questions don’t even have to relate completely to your organization. Individuals will enjoy submitting their own thoughts, as well as reading what others had to say. Ask a question that prompts a relatively succinct answer for the best results.
  • Beautiful images: Beautiful images often inspire a share from fans and followers. Turn to sites like Pinterest for help in finding this content. The pictures can feature your product or can be unrelated, as long as they are something that your followers would find compelling.
  • Relevant tips and tricks: Whether you’re a food-related business and want to share a recipe or a clothing store that knows the best way to wear this season’s stylish pieces, offer tips and suggestions on your social media platforms. Users will begin to turn to your company for this advice and insight, making you an indispensable resource.
  • Use your audience to create content: Consumers get a thrill out of seeing their photos or tweets on their favorite brand’s social media platforms. Invite your audience to submit a picture of them holding your product, or ask them questions regarding your brand. Post the best responses on your Facebook and Twitter pages and it’s likely that these individuals will then share their brief encounter with fame on their own accounts.
  • Connect with bloggers: Once regarded as irrelevant and pesky, many bloggers are becoming industry leaders and are an important resource. If there is a blogger who is particularly popular with your audience, team up with this individual. Perhaps he or she can do product reviews or offer advice. You can also link to recent blog posts that this person has written.
  • Polls: A quick one-question poll gives consumers the ability to speak their mind in an interactive way, without having to commit too much time to a full-length survey. Show the results to them when they’re done voting.
  • Stats: Provide users with a brief burst of information through quick facts and stats relating to your brand.

Though the blank status and “compose a tweet” boxes can feel intimidating, carefully thought out and useful content will help you to attract fans and followers.

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